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Grade six - and beyond!
End of Year Stock Market Challenge!
Will Your Companies Earn or Lose Money for Your Team?

Company Reports - profile one company from your stock portfolio
Brief company profiles
Company list and stock exchanges - is your stock "bullish?"
Also use Google.com to search your company's web site, or the question you need to answer.  Make sure that your source is reliable!

Math - Your Account at 

Keep working - Algebra and Integers
Number Bonds - combine integers
Spider Match Integers
Orbit Integers
Algebra Practice Links - Use Them!

Keep working - Order of Operations Practice

Order of Operations Millionaire
Order of Operations Interactives Game
Coolmath Order of Operations Lesson
Order of Operations Links

Are your Multiplication and Division skills ready?  
Practice on Math Magic. Also use links from Math Playground to challenge yourself to multiplication and division games:  
The Great Penguin Race (challenge - two digit by one digit)
Meteor Multiplication (single digits - quickly!)
Number Invaders (practice division and multiplication - select the number)
Puzzle Pieces Division
Challenge! Reasoning with Multiplication and Division

Note to Families:  It is important that students have a water bottle each day.  We are happy to hold a bottle and refill it here at school - hydration is so important!

  • Accelerated Reader is a focus for our class - students should be testing on books every week!  Our goal for the fourth quarter is 25 AR points (minimum).
  • Students will have P.E. in Mrs. Fox's class on Wednesdays and Fridays most weeks. Binder and planner checks are continuing during homeroom period.
  • Math journals are an important resource for our learning.  Be sure that yours is complete, and that the table of contents is accurate.
Our school has adopted a new Positive Behavior Intervention and Support initiative - be prepared to see some changes on campus, and in your classrooms.  As part of this, be ready to demonstrate the school SOAR expectations:

S - Strive to Learn
O - Own your Actions
A - Act Safely
R - Respect Others

We are an AVID classroom.  This stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, a program to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to choose his/her college and career.  First off, we need to be ready - using your planner every day will help to keep you organized!  This, and our binder/journal system, are required in our classes.  You will be learning key reading, writing, questioning, and strategy tools to grow this school year.

          More Math Practice Links  

Ratios and Proportions!
Ratio Thinking Blocks - helps ratios make sense!
Ratio and Proportion - practice quizzes
Sleuths on the Loose - dinosaur height!
Scale models - easy quiz practice
Scale City - interactive road trip!

Introduction to Fractions
Bowling for Fractions
Find Grampy - Fractions
Fresh-Baked Fractions
Soccer Shootout - fraction and whole number operations
Old Egyptian Math Cats - fractions
Fraction Picture Game

Geometry Skills!
Warm up - Kangaroo Hop shapes
Measuring Area and Perimeter practice
Video problem - Carpeting!
The Challenge - Party Designer
Extra time?  Unit Squares

Also try:

Thinking Blocks - helps build your brain
Math Millionaire - great challenge for you, and a partner

These games are hosted on Math Playground, one of my favorite sites!

Mrs. Fox believes that teaching is her most rewarding job ever, but she is grateful for the experiences that brought her here. In the past, she worked as a writer and salesperson for computer, aerospace and engineering companies. She has taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, and is excited to prepare Eastside students for middle school.

Mr. Fox, her husband, is now retired after many years in the printing and photography businesses. Suzie, her daughter, is a college junior this year, and is planning to study health education. In addition to reading, the Fox family love their pets, music, traveling, swimming, kayaking, the Dodgers and Kings teams, and anything in nature.


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